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Understand the usage methods and precautions of glue hydroly
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Understand the usage methods and precautions of glue hydrolysis agents

The main component of the glue solution is a mixture of dimethyl alkanes

[ Scope of application ] Used to decompose and remove cured instant adhesive, or to erase the white mist phenomenon caused by the curing of instant adhesive. Used to remove various 502 glues and 401 glues

[ Main efficacy ] Mainly removes the solidified instant glue 502 UV glue, and the instant glue removes the whitening and mist generated by the curing of instant glue 502.

[ Usage ] First, clean the surface of the instant adhesive and apply an appropriate amount of remover to remove whitening and mist. After softening, use a tool to scrape off the solidified instant adhesive. If the adhesive layer is thick, it can be treated multiple times. This product has slight corrosion to leather, paint, and ABS plastic.

[ Precautions ] It may cause some irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes, and skin. Harmful to the human body when swallowed. Due to the fact that the properties of the product have not been fully studied, caution should be exercised when in contact. When the product is exposed to an environment above 50 ° C or under strong light, it will evaporate irritating gases. If the skin or eye area accidentally adheres, it can be rinsed with plenty of water and sent to a doctor for treatment.