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Eyebrow Trimmer
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Eyebrow trimming knife product user manual

[Product Name] Eyebrow Trimmer

[ Structural composition ] The eyebrow trimming knife is composed of a blade, a knife holder, and a protective cover.

[ Scope of application ] Used for eyebrow trimming, shaving, and shaving body hair.

[Product features] Straight handle simple Fashion design; Ergonomic blade design; Texture frosted handle, anti slip and easy to grip; Micro distance protective net, comfortable and safe; Imported steel blade, sharp and durable; Paper card blister packaging, convenient and hygienic to carry.

[ Instructions for Use ] Open the packaging, take out the eyebrow trimmer, clean your hands, and hold the handle. The blade should be directed towards the root of the hair for shaving.

[ Precautions ] 1. It is recommended to apply hot compress or moisturizer to moisturize the skin before use to enhance comfort.

2. The blade is sharp, please do not use too much force and do not come into direct contact with the wound surface.

3. Please keep out of reach of children.

4. Do not use when the packaging is damaged or the product is contaminated.

[ Model and Specification ] 10mm-80mm

[ Packaging ] Pack of 3 pieces.

[ Storage ] Dry and dark storage.

[Service life] 8 years.

[Executive Standard] Q/DMJK 001-2023

[Production unit] Shenzhen Duomi Health Technology Co., Ltd

[Production Address] No. 12, Tairan 5th Road, Tian'an Community, Shatou Street, Futian District, Shenzhen

[Contact Number] 13537567180

Postal Code: 518033

Production batch number

Production Date

[Expiry date]

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