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Moisturizing and Wrinkle Resisting facial mask
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Instruction Manual of Moisturizing and Wrinkle Resisting facial mask

[Product Name] Moisturizing and Wrinkle Resisting facial mask

[Main ingredients] Chlorella chrysonetin Fibronectin extract carnosine hydrolyzed collagen pomegranate extract rose extract

[ Scope of application ] Facial skin

Suitable for various skin types

[ Main efficacy ] By adding hyaluronic acid and algae extracts, it can soften and resist wrinkles, improve dryness and smooth fine lines, leaving the skin delicate, clear, and radiant. Long term use has a better effect.

[ Fragrance Type ] Pomegranate Rose

[ Precautions ] If there is any discomfort, please stop using it

[ Specification ] 30ml * 5 pieces

[ Storage ] Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place

[Effective Date] 24 months

[Executive Standard] Q/DMJK 001-2023

[Production unit] Shenzhen Duomi Health Technology Co., Ltd

[Production Address] No. 12, Tairan 5th Road, Tian'an Community, Shatou Street, Futian District, Shenzhen

[Phone] 0537-7030977

Postal Code: 272000

Product batch number

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[Expiry date]

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