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How to use vehicle coating agent
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The specific methods for using automotive coating agents are:

1. Before coating the car, wash the car thoroughly to remove all oil stains, dirt, asphalt spots, etc. from the body. Then, slowly wipe with a car wash towel and let it dry after wiping.

2. After wiping the car clean, let it sit for half an hour to allow the moisture on top of the car to evaporate. Blow out the moisture in the gaps on the surface of the car to avoid the water from flowing out and affecting the coating effect during the coating process.

3. Then use textured paper or plastic cloth to cover areas on the vehicle that do not require coating, such as plastic parts, logos, rubber products, and other items on the vehicle.

4. Use a spray gun to spray the coating agent onto the surface of the vehicle, and then use a specialized sponge to apply the coating agent in a spiral manner to ensure that the coating agent can be evenly applied. Finally, use a pure cotton towel to wipe.

5. Just find a suitable place to place it, not in direct sunlight or dusty areas. Within 7 days of coating, try not to clean the vehicle to avoid affecting the coating effect.

The paint surface of automobiles after coating has stronger resistance to oxidation, wear, corrosion, and high temperature, and the film layer distribution is more uniform and delicate, with higher hardness and longer brightness.

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