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Will car mounted aromatherapy ignite spontaneously in high t
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When summer approaches, many car owners will consider purchasing in car aromatherapy to remove odors inside the car. However, some car owners are concerned about whether aromatherapy placed on the car will self ignite.

Under normal circumstances, in car aromatherapy will not easily ignite. However, if the car is parked in a high-temperature environment for a long time, there are certain risks. This is because under high temperature conditions, the substances inside the aromatherapy container will evaporate due to heat, leading to an increase in container pressure and expansion. If the container material is not good, it may rupture. And the components of aromatherapy also have a certain degree of flammability, which may lead to spontaneous combustion.

To avoid this situation, it is recommended to choose high-quality car aromatherapy containers, and do not add too much aromatherapy substances. Leave a certain space to reduce the pressure inside the bottle and reduce the risk of explosion. When choosing in car aromatherapy, it is also advisable to purchase through legitimate channels and consult relevant usage precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. Although most car aromatherapy products have certain protective properties, it is still best to avoid aromatherapy being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time in high temperature environments such as summer.